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The latest update on Tyson’s adventure in London. Tyson is now part of the Tigi National Collective Team. The Collectives help support the Tigi International Creative Team. All 11 of the Collectives came together for the 1st time in 2018.

On the 09/01/18 the team went on an amazing Inspirational tour of the V&A Museum in London, looking at one particular exibition by the infamous Haute Couture Designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. What an amazing and inspirational guy… he inspired and fascinated many people including designers such as Hubert Givenchy, Issey Miyake and Sunderland born designer Gareth Pugh.

Whilst walking around the exibition we were surrounded by some amazing work and motivational quotes. One of my (Tyson’s) personal Favourites was;

‘ A woman has no need to be perfect or even beautiful to wear my dresses, the dress will do that for her’.

This for me really relates to hair too, I believe it is my job to make people look beautiful and feel amazing. After the trip to the V&A we then ventured down to the Famous Tate Modern. Here I was amazed by the vision and creativity of different Artists and Designers.

One of my Favourite was Modigliani, a Jewish Artist who soon travelled to Paris to be amongst some of the world’s most famous Designers, Artists, Actors,and Musicians. Modigliani soon became a famous face in these very creative circles. Unfortunately he died at the age of 35. He painted many faces, he worked on Canvas and Cardboard which are quite different materials, but the outcome was the same, an amazing piece of ART.

As hairstylists we face a similar situation, trying to create beautiful pieces of Art on different canvases. Some are of good condition and some very poor but our guests in the Salon expect the same result. This for me is the challenge which I love and an area where I have to take them on an educational journey, to bring out the beauty in every client.

My next journey to London is on the 22/01/18 where I will be educating a group of French students who are looking to extend their skills. I will be teaching the Tigi Classics Course -a 4 day course learning a collection of classic haircuts that are the foundation to all creative work.

As Anthony Mascolo says,  ‘ you need to know the rules to break them’.

As hair stylists, never before have we had so many solutions for stubborn hair texture. Thanks to the dedication and genius of product companies, our choices far outreach the previous options of either perms or chemical straighteners. Whilst both treatments hold value to our ‘menu of...

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